bike trail picture

This is a picture I photo bombed it and also this is the best picture of me. This is on the bike trail and the best picture is of your self. I like this picture because it has me striking a pose.

ALL About Me

I live in Vermont and I love football hockey and baseball. I play on a travel hockey team. I play football and I am a QB.

I play baseball and I am a shortstop and a catcher. I smile a lot and I play out side a lot. I have a brother that is 8 and my mom is so cool and a dad that is a really good coach. I love playing sports and I so times play with my friend that is 11 and I most of the time I win.

about my avatar

My avatar is a savage. He is wearing a tuxedo and has multi colored eyes. He has brown hair Just like I do. His tuxedo color is white and very light blue.

He has curved hair like I do. I chose this one because it was cool and it looks sharp and I chose the eyes because it looked cool. And I chose the tuxedo because it looks sharp and I chose the hair because the hair looks like my hair. I chose the smile because I smile a lot. I really like me my avatar because it reapersents me.